2021-03-27 12:57:24

2020 fashion street trend style iPhone12 pro case

Did the iphone just become the doll of our generation? We dress it up, bling it up, change its clothes so many times, we might as well consider it an extension of our own style. When 2 years ago at Fashion Week every single person was showcasing (read flaunting) their iphones in the most funky fun posh cases ever – it was clear: the iphone case is the trend! It started once this phone became our addiction and now we just found the perfect way to give this little thang more oompf.


Last week, in a conversation with a friend of mine about all these accessories for gadgets, I was impressed: the phone case is actually an extension of fashion.

Then I remembered all those posts I did of Fashion Week street style where every single blogger, fashionista, photographer, editor, or designer was spotted carrying alongside designer bags, rings, bracelets, show invites, and the rest – their iPhones – all dressed up in the best cases for the event.


pokemon iphone 12/12 pro fashion street style case


Pocket Monster iphone 12/12 pro/11/11 pro/11 pro max / se2 case fashionable Mewtwo anime style Snorlax Mewtwo square protection rectangular type

Pokemon FILA iphone 12/12 pro max / 11/11 pro / 11 pro max / se2 case A protective jacket for smartphone cases that covers the backside of the case made of thermoplastic polyurethane resin, polycarbonate material, and acrylic material. Impact-resistant ty

Pikachu graffiti style iPhone12/12pro phone case


Pikachu Pattern iPhone12 / 12 pro max / se2 Case Cute Pokemon

Cute Cartoon Pokemon pikachu Holder case Cover for iPhone 12 mini ,Pokemon Go Pikachu design allows you to show off the beautiful design of your iPhone 12 mini/12 pro max Case. This case is made from high-quality soft TPU, so it will remain clear and clea

Enough talk… Christmas is almost here, and I think we could gift our phones with a new holiday case, right? ;) So let’s have a look at some of the most funky and fabulous iphone cases… :)

Fashion Trend IPhone 12 Series Case


Iphone 12/12 Pro Disney Case/Cover


Leather Book Type IPhone 12/12pro Case


KENZO Series IPhone 12 Series Case


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